Bicycle for my mind

17th April 2016 Einar 0

Cycling in an autumn’s evening sun: Sun shines on my face, while I have fun passing Sim Cities with One Cloud skies, iTuning to Haydn, which is nice. Take me […]

Folkeskolens kokebok forside

Folkeskolens kokebok

7th June 2015 Einar 0

Jeg har arva en bok som jeg tenker kan ha interesse for flere enn meg selv og som jeg derfor gjør tilgjengelig her. Det dreier seg om Folkeskolens kokebok (Lærebok […]

No Picture

Dependent clauses

31st March 2014 Einar 0

Being a student of English grammar, (non-finite ing-clause) which I find interesting, (adjectival relative clause, non-restrictive) having found (non-finite ing-clause) that it is necessary to compile a list (nominal that-clause) […]

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English links

17th November 2013 Einar 0

Dictionaries Online etymology dictionary – A dictionary that explains where words come from, what they used to mean and when they were first used. Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary – with […]

La Forqueray from Pieces de viole by Forqueray

Free sheet music on the internet

19th April 2013 Einar 0

There are lots of old music prints, handwritten scores and parts and facsimiles of old editions that are in the public domain because their copyright have expired. There are also […]

Claesz, Pieter Still Life with Musical Instruments, 1623

Music links

18th April 2013 Einar 0

Music organisations, music websites &c Antikk Musikk, early music in Bergen, Norway CasalEmilio, Italian-Norwegian centre for musical studies The Danish Music Museum, Copenhagen, with lots of interesting old instruments and […]

How the Quadra 700 looks on the inside

EM’s Quadra pages

10th February 2012 Einar 0

I have made some web pages dedicated to the Macintosh Quadra 700 (on the Quadra itself). These contain some technical information about the machine, suitable software, some how-tos and such. […]