Mac to Linux

From low end Mac to low end Linux

4th February 2017 Einar 0

There is a community of Mac users that try to find the balance between having the best tool for the job, keeping their machines useful for as long as possible to get the lowest possible […]

System76 Gazelle

Hardware with Linux preinstalled

31st January 2017 Einar 0

There are a growing number of hardware suppliers that deliver computers with Linux preinstalled in the western world. Buying a machine from one of these suppliers give you support for the preinstalled distro on their […]

A more pixel efficient Lubuntu for widescreens

Making Lubuntu 16.04 more pixel efficient

8th August 2016 Einar 0

With the panel on the left or right, you get more visible space for content in portrait orientation, like word processing documents and websites and you don’t have to scroll as much. Ubuntu‘s Unity desktop […]

Forside av Folkeskolens kokebok

Folkeskolens kokebok

7th June 2015 Einar 0

Jeg har arva en bok som jeg tenker kan ha interesse for flere enn meg selv og som jeg derfor gjør tilgjengelig her. Det dreier seg om Folkeskolens kokebok (Lærebok i huslig økonomi I) av […]

Union Jack

Dependent clauses

31st March 2014 Einar 0

Being a student of English grammar, (non-finite ing-clause) which I find interesting, (adjectival relative clause, non-restrictive) having found (non-finite ing-clause) that it is necessary to compile a list (nominal that-clause) describing the different types and […]

Union Jack

English links

17th November 2013 Einar 0

Dictionaries Online etymology dictionary – A dictionary that explains where words come from, what they used to mean and when they were first used. Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary – with pronunciation and thesaurus, UK and […]

La Forqueray from Pieces de viole

Free sheet music on the internet

19th April 2013 Einar 0

There are lots of old music prints, handwritten scores and parts and facsimiles of old editions that are in the public domain because their copyright have expired. There are also some generous people that publish […]

Claesz, Pieter – Still Life with Musical Instruments, 1623

Music links

18th April 2013 Einar 0

Music organisations, music websites &c Antikk Musikk, early music in Bergen, Norway CasalEmilio, Italian-Norwegian centre for musical studies The Danish Music Museum, Copenhagen, with lots of interesting old instruments and books Early Sound, early music […]

Macintosh Quadra 700

EM’s Quadra pages

10th February 2012 Einar 0

I have made some web pages dedicated to the Macintosh Quadra 700 (on the Quadra itself). These contain some technical information about the machine, suitable software, some how-tos and such. Since the pages were written […]