Einar Mostad

Hi! I am Einar Mostad and you are reading my website. I use this place to share things with the world and gather stuff I want to remember. I presently teach English in upper secondary school in Southern Norway. I am also a musician that specializes in early music, i.e. renaissance, baroque, classical and early romantic music played on period instruments (or modern copies) with careful consideration of what we know about how they played at the time and place of the music in question. In addition to music and language, I am also interested in technology and photography. In the 90s, I spent a few years studying electronics in upper secondary school before turning my attention fully towards music.

Einar with his baroque cello
Me and my baroque cello

Music studies

I started playing the cello in 1987, and I was enthusiastically playing in orchestras and chamber music projects during my youth. I took the first part of my bachelor degree at the music conservatory in Kristiansand with Maja Birkeland as my cello teacher. While there, I also studied composition with Stig Nordhagen and baroque interpretation with Jan Erik Pettersen.

I then continued my studies at the Grieg academy in Bergen with Bjørg Værnes Lewis. I also spent a year in Örebro on exchange where I studied modern and baroque cello with Ingrid Morgan. As part of my Bachelor degree, I also studied pedagogy at the Grieg academy.

My interest in early music led me to study baroque interpretation and chamber music with Frode Thorsen and Hans Knut Sveen and baroque cello with Markku Luolajan-Mikkola at the Grieg academy. I went on with this line of study in Copenhagen with a master degree in early music. My baroque cello teacher there was Thomas Pitt, and I had the pleasure of having chamber music and performance practice lessons with many great musicians from all over Europe. Afterwards, I took some chamber music and treble viol lessons with Cristiano Contadin.