Einar Mostad

Hi! I am Einar Mostad. I use this website to share things with the world and gather stuff I want to remember.

In recent years, my photography interest has come to the forefront. In the past, I have shot film SLRs and (superzoom) point-and-shoots, but I now use the Micro Four Thirds system. I mainly shoot landscapes as I live in rurality, but I am also interested in other genres. I have a lot of fun learning about photography, thinking about aesthetics and equipment and shooting pictures, post processing and evaluating the results.

I also have an interest in technology. In the 90s, I spent a few years studying electronics in upper secondary school before turning my attention towards music. My mother taught me to touch type on a Mac Plus in the mid 80s and I was a Mac user until I gradually switched to GNU/Linux from 2011 and onwards. I like the free software philosophy. I contribute to free software by translating the LXQt desktop environment to Norwegian Bokmål.

I am also a musician specialized in historically informed performance practice. My main instrument is the baroque cello, and I have a Master’s Degree in Early Music from the Royal Danish Academy of Music. You can read more about my musical activities in my music bio and on the concerts page.

After having used English as my working language for years as a musician, I studied English and combined it with my former pedagogical studies to carve out a living as an English teacher. I work at a vocational upper secondary school in the far south of Norway where I teach both general and vocational English for a diverse group of professions.