Angle of view for micro four thirds prime lenses

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Below is a table of angles of view at different focal lengths for Micro Four Thirds prime lenses. Thinking in angle of view is smart, as it makes it easier to know approximately how much you will get into the frame. A tool for measuring angles of the type you would use for a maths class might be helpful if you want to learn to previsualize the framing with a particular prime lens. The last column shows some of the prime lenses available for the MFT system by manufacturer and f-stop.

Focal length (MFT) Angle of view Full frame equivalent focal length MFT prime lenses
7.5 mm 110 degrees 15 mm L f/2
10 mm ? degrees 20 mm
11 mm ? degrees 22 mm P 14 mm f/2.5 + Wide conversion
12 mm 84 degrees 24 mm O f/2, PL f/1.4
14 mm 75 degrees 28 mm P f/2.5
15 mm 72 degrees 30 mm PL f/1.7
17 mm 65 degrees 34 mm O f/2.8, O f/1.8, O f/1.2
20 mm 57 degrees 40 mm P f/1.7
25 mm 47 degrees 50 mm P f/1.4, P f/1.7, O f/1.8, O f/1.2
30 mm 40 degrees 60 mm O f/3.5 Macro, P f/2.8 Macro
42.5 mm 29 degrees 85 mm PL f/1.2, P f/1.7, V f/0.95 (30.5 degrees)
45 mm 27 degrees 90 mm O f/1.8, PL f/2.8 Macro
60 mm 20 degrees 120 mm O f/2.8 Macro
75 mm 16 degrees 150 mm O f/1.8
200 mm 6.2 degrees 400 mm PL f/2.8
300 mm 4.1 degrees 600 mm O f/4

O = Olympus, P = Panasonic Lumix, PL = Panasonic Leica, L = Laowo, V = Voigtländer

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