Free music streaming from Naxos Music Library


The great advantage of streaming lies in access to tons of music without having to store it all on your computer, tablet or phone. One of the disadvantages is that most services give you the choice between annoying adverts or a monthly fee. (I support services I enjoy monitarily, but economic restrictions forces me to prioritise. I suspect many others find themselves in similar circumstances.) However, chances are that you might be able to get a free streaming service through your local library or through your university, college, conservatory or school library. Naxos Music library is a service many libraries will grant you access to if you just have a library card. Check out your library’s website or ask a librarian.

The service gives you access to tons of music, most of which is early music, classical music, contemporary music and jazz. Music from excellent labels like BIS, Philips, Deutsche Grammophon, Decca, Naxos, Ricercar and many others is available for your convenience, just a library card number away. The service works on Mac, Windows and Linux through a web browser and there are apps for iOS and Android to get your music fix when you are on the go. You just have to register an account by the use of your library card once inside the website to be able to use the apps. In addition to the standard app, there is also a NML Jazz app. So why not enjoy some great music for free?

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