Hardware with Linux preinstalled

System76 Gazelle
System76 Gazelle

There is a growing number of hardware suppliers that deliver computers with Linux preinstalled in the western world. Buying a machine from one of these suppliers gives you support for the preinstalled distro on their hardware through online forums, wikis and often also phone or email support. It also contributes to further development of machines with Linux from these companies. These hardware suppliers often convince their parts suppliers to ship open source drivers, or make these drivers themselves, to make their machines work well on Linux. Thus, a purchase of one of these machines is a vote for more Linux hardware support, as well as a signal to the overall PC industry that there are users out there that want PCs with Linux. Over time, this might shift some attention in companies that do both Windows and Linux machines towards Linux.

In China, the ban on Windows for government computers means that most computers ship with either macOS or a Linux distro. Even western companies like HP and Dell sell most of their computers in China with Linux preinstalled.

System 76

System 76 is the largest Linux vendor in the USA. They make laptops, desktops and servers with Ubuntu preinstalled. Their machines range from mid-range to high end and powerful. They offer high DPI screens and the newest CPUs and GPUs on their laptops and desktops. They have seen a sharp increase in sales since the announcement of the latest MacBook Pro.


Entroware is a British company that ships computers with Ubuntu or Ubuntu MATE preinstalled. Their machines also range from the mid range to the high end. In addition to UK keyboard layouts, they also ship other European keyboard layouts, but unfortunately not a Scandinavian one.


Project Sputnik is the Linux laptop project within Dell. Their most celebrated machines are the XPS 13 and XPS 15 Developer Edition which ships with Ubuntu. They recently also started shipping other high end product lines with Linux preinstalled.


ZAreason is another American Linux computer vendor.


Tuxedo is a German computer company that ships computers with Linux.


Vant is a Spanish computer company that ships computers with Linux.


Linux Onlineshop is a German seller of computers with Linux preinstalled.


Think Penguin focuses on freedom respecting hardware that does not need any proprietary drivers to run well. They preinstall whatever Linux distro you would like on their machines.

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