English links

Online etymology dictionary, A dictionary that explains where words come from, what they used to mean and when they were first used.
Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary, with pronunciation and thesaurus, UK and US spellings, examples of use etc. – on paper and as an app in the iOS and Google Play store.

Online learning resources
English Grammar, Information about English grammar and punctuation.
NDLA English, Open educational resources for secondary schools from the Norwegian digital learning arena.
Fremmedspråksenteret – Norwegian national centre for foreign language learning.
BBC Skillswise, English for adults.
BBC World service: learning English, with words in the news, the English we speak (phrases), 6 minute English, News, Drama and pronunciation, as well as intermediate, lower intermediate and English my way courses.
Word search puzzles, find words in grids.
Lyrics training, learn language with music videos, lyrics and karaoke.

Radio Streams
BBC World Service, The world’s radio station from the British Broadcasting Corporation.
National Public Radio (NPR), Public radio from the USA.

News and entertainment

BBC news, News from all over the world from the British Broadcasting Corporation. Also with entertainment, culture, science, technology and other news.
IMDB, Internet movie database. Full of information about films, series, producers, composers and actors.
The New York Times, News from the United States of America and beyond.

Some commendable podcasts in English on different subjects
BBC World Service podcasts, All the podcasts from BBC World service in one three page list. Lots of really good stuff!
The history of English podcast, a podcast about the history of the English language.
The history of England podcast, the history of England, with a focus on the Wessex dynasty.
Jupiter Broadcasting, a treasure trove of video and audio podcasts about technology.

Music links

Free music prints

There are lots of old music prints, handwritten scores, parts and facsimiles of old editions that are in the public domain because their copyright have expired. There are also some generous people that publish their original music scores or their arrangements and transcriptions directly online for free use.

IMSLP / Petrucci Music archive, Comprehensive collection of music prints and manuscripts uploaded by users of the site
Opera Scores Demo, old editions of opera scores
Werner Icking Music Archive, modern prints, lots of early music, often in arrangements
Choral Public Domain Library, choral music with or without instrumental accompaniment
Project Gutenbergs category for sheet music, Mainly string quartets
Mutopia, a little bit of everything, mainly older prints
Free sheet music from Johan Tufvesson, modern urtext prints of early music
Cantate Domino, sacred music, both for choir and organ

A lot of libraries have digitised their collections lately as well:
Danmarks Digitale Nodebilbiotek, The Danish Digital music library consisting of digitised collections from the Royal Library in Copenhagen
Europeana, The EU’s digital library where you can search many digital collections from different European libraries at the same time
Dübensamlingen, The Düben collection at Uppsala University Library, consisting of lots of 17th and 18th century music collected by the leaders of the Royal Chapel of Sweden of the time

Music organisations, music websites &c
Antikk Musikk, early music in Bergen, Norway
CasalEmilio, Italian-Norwegian centre for musical studies
The Danish Music Museum, Copenhagen, with lots of interesting old instruments and books
Early Sound, early music in Denmark, the Öresund regionen &c
MIC.NO, Norwegian Music Information Centre, Norwegian online music store
Nordem, Nordic Early Music Federation
Ny musikk, Norwegian organisation for contemporary music, Renaissance music in Denmark
R.I.C.C., early music courses in Copenhagen, Denmark
StringKing, online shop with strings &c for early music, fast shipping and excellent service
Tidig Musik, the association for early music, Sweden

Maria Berglund, singer and music teacher
Fredrik Bock, guitarist, lutenist, theorbist, baroque guitarist &c
Ingeborg Christophersen, recorder player and harpsichordist
Bjarte Eike, baroque violininst and ensemble leader, former teacher of performance practice and chamber music of mine in Copenhagen
Hanna Englund, cellist and baroque cellist
Jostein Gundersen, recorder player
Nina Grigorjeva, folk musician based in Stockholm. Used to play baroque basoon.
Louise Hjorth, experimenting recorder player
Lars Henrik Johansen, harpsichordist, ensemble leader
Nickie Johansson, singer
Katrine Immerkjær Kristiansen, organ player and teacher
Jan Kvapil, recorder player
Christina Lauridsen, recorder player
Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, baroque cellist, violist [da gamba], cellist and teacher at the Sibelius acadamy, and my former teacher of baroque cello in Bergen
Jon Mostad, composer and my father
Birgitte Parsig, viola da gamba player, cellist and baroque cellist
Hille Perl, viola da gamba player and my former chamber music and performance practice teacher in Copenhagen
Pernielle Pettersen, recorder player
Thomas Pitt, baroque cellist and teacher, my former teacher in Copenhagen
Rachel Podger, baroque violinist, and my former teacher of chamber music projects in Copenhagen
Bolette Roed, recorder player
Nikolaj Ronimus, recorder player, music pedagogue and flute maker
Niklas Saers, computer programmerer and recorder player
Christine Schornsheim, harpsichordist and fortepiano player, and my former chamber music teacher at the Royal Danish Acadamy of Music
Peter Spissky, baroque violinist, teacher and ensemble leader, my former teacher of chamber music projects in Copenhagen
Hans Knut Sveen, harpsichordist, teacher at the Grieg academy, and my former teacher of chamber music and baroque interpretation
Frode Thorsen, recorder player, teacher at the Grieg academy, and my former teacher of chamber music and baroque interpretation
Erlend Tyrmi, singer
Gunnhild Tønder, harpsichordist and pianist
Silvia Östersjö, violinist