Plastic waste


Plastic is a danger to the environment. There is a lot of plastic in the process of entering the marine environment where it will float around for decades, be eaten by animals or become dangerous microplastic that is ingested by smaller animals. I live 200 meters from the North Sea (in the far South of Norway) and I want to continue to eat fish. We need to ban plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic rope and plastic fishing nets.

Since this is an international problem, international cooperation is needed. Some African nations have already banned plastic bags. The EU needs to do the same and also look at packaging and fishing equipment. Other materials that are degradable could be used instead. For those of us living outside the EU, national laws are required. We should really do this now, before it is too late. The world did well with the international ban on freon gasses that reduced the ozone layer over the poles (and over Norway) in the 80s, so we can do this again if we put plastic and microplastic on the agenda.

I am in the process of taking some pictures to document some of the plastic that will soon find its way out to sea. I have made an album on Flickr where I collect these pictures of plastic waste and as well as other pictures related to the natural environment. You can see the pictures below.

The Plastic Project

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