What is Road Photography?


Road photography is about finding decisive moments by the road, path, track, canal, fjord… with expressive qualities. Road photography is honest curiosity captured within a frame. Road photography sometimes involves vehicles (on land or water) to find the subjects framed. Road Photography is closely related to street photography and travel photography. The excitement of being a road photographer stems from the fact that you never know what you will shoot until you find it.

The road in the woods on a foggy evening

Road photographers are more concerned with the end result than the technology used. In the tradition of Cartier-Bresson, they tend to do little or no cropping or post-processing and strive to get the best picture possible there and then by the use of the available artistic and technological means.

Road photography overlaps with landscape photography, wildlife, travel, portraiture, outeriors (movable objects outside), macro, astro and architecture (like street photography overlaps with portraiture, wildlife, travel, architecture and outeriors), but what makes it road photography is the attitudes and methods of the road photographer. Road photography may be serious, humorous or both at the same time.

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